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Bench games

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Our persuasive letter to Mr. Claus

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Santa Claus
North Pole
6th December 2016

Dear Mr Claus,

My name is Miss Daly and I live in Aveley. I hope you are well. I imagine this is a very busy time for you! You must be very skilled at driving, to find all the world’s children from your sleigh.

We ALL know that you are an incredible driver as you are able to control the adorable reindeers that rapidly run through the sky. EVERBODY knows that you are the most kind, polite, giving and loving person I know. Has anybody ever told you that you have the softest and most luxurious beard in the world? The REAL truth is that you are the most caring man in the galaxy.

Unfortunately, I have been informed that I am on the naughty list. I think this is a dreadful mistake! Here are the reasons why this is an awful mistake: I have helped my beautiful mother with her chores every single day. Every afternoon, I have taken the disgusting family bin outside, which is a job nobody would want to do! Every evening, I have washed up the precious dishes until they are perfectly clean and THEN I have walked my dog until he panted. I am sure you will agree that I do NOT deserve to be on the naughty list and I hope that you can reconsider this decision.

If I am put onto the good list, I can promise that you will receive delicious cookies and the best mince pies in Thurrock. Also, I will provide magical, vibrant orange carrots to feed your furry friends. These scrumptious snacks should give you all the energy to finish your job in 8 hours!

Please, please, please put me on the Good list!

Yours sincerely,
Miss Daly

Friendship week biscuits

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Year 5 plans and targets

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This week, we have been discussing the new school year. We have each made a ‘New Years resolution.’

We have all decorated a rocket and these are our best astronaut faces.

Aim for the moon and if you fall, you fall amongst the stars.

Team work makes the dream work!

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Tower building 

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