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The bridge of terrier

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One summer morning,there was an old rusty and mouldy bridge. Underneath lived a  large crocodile ,that had dark basil spots. Would you like to walk across the bridge?


100 word challenge by Taja

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In 2017 I hope that I will achieve my gold medal for gymnastics because I have been working hard to achieve It but I need to practices more. I hope that because my mum and dad said that they will get me want I would really want to re-decorate my room, so that is why. I really what to achieve the shinny, glittering gold medal. Then, I will be allowed to go to the Justin Bieber concert. I really hope I will get it because if I  don’t my eye will POP! and I will not stop crying, but I get that I  can’t always win. However, if I do then it will make me so SO SO SO HAPPY!  

Santa poem by Taja

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Santa claus is coming to town,

Tinsel is on the Christmas tree,


Christmas fun, 

Kind families gather together,

Igloo is too cold,

Never stop laughing,

Gorgeous gifts.  

Taja and Renee

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Funny jokes

Why was the football pitch wet ……….. because the footballers were dribbling on it.



How do you catch a fish on a computer……….by the internet.


Why did the banana have to go to the hospital…….because it wasn’t peeling very well



What do you call a sleeping ball……….a bulldoze



Where does the sheep go to get there hair cut…….to the baabaa shop.