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Life as an evacuee

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Dear Mother and  Father,                                                                                               I hope all is well in London. I miss you very much.

When I arrived at the train station, my legs were so cold, that I could have turned into a ice cube, the journey seemed to be going on for hours. I was heart-broken when I realized that I would have to say goodbye to you, my brothers and my sisters. When I was on the train, there were many other children either sobbing or yelling. The train was so cramped that it could have been a tin of minced meat. I wanted to lock my self away and pretend that nothing was happening but I knew that I couldn’t. The place that I had to get off at was Bridgly. I was worried weather my new family would accept me like you did.

By the time I had arrived at the train station, I felt scared and worried. I slowly stepped off of the train and could feel the cold, hard marble floor under my feet. In the hall, there were lots of children (both young and old) standing in long lines waiting to be selected like I was. I waited and waited at the back of the line. The amount of time I waited, I am not sure but it seemed like an eternity. After a while, a tall man approached me and looked into my eyes with a cold, stony look. Suddenly, his stony face turned into a beaming smile. That calmed me down a little. He then took my hand and led me away.


I must go now.

Love from,



The ancient bridge

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One peaceful, sunlit day, two adventurers went on a journey to find the temple of the rain forest. They had travelled a long way into the rain forest searching all over the place when they finally found the bridge that would take them there. They looked down at the bridge, one of the adventurers said, “Looks stable enough to me,” and they walked on. As soon as they took the first step the bridge collapsed underneath them…..

Christmas poem

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Snow is white 

Now it’s in circles 

One of each will melt 

Well do you know what it is?

Made by children in the winter 

A thing that will melt in the summer 

Now do you know what it is? It’s a snowman.

In 2017… (100 Word Challenge)

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In 2017, I hope i get better at maths so that I can work out how much things will cost an how much things weigh.                                                                                                                                                             In 2017, I want to be a faster runner so that I can help my team win races and so that I can run to school faster.                                                                                                                                                             In 2017, I hope I get better at rugby so that I can play against my sisters and play in a rugby team with them.

In 2017, I hope the problem of world hunger gets fixed so that everyone in the world can be happy.

In 2017, I hope the population of animals in the world goes up so that no more animals go extinct.

In 2017, I hope deforestation stops so that the birds in the forests can live peacefully and have a home.

Christmas Poem

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Christmas time is here bringing lots of love and cheer

Houses filled with light all through the night

Ringing bells in the morning

I’m waking up, this is not boring

Singing children at the door

Taking food, more and more

Making pumpkin pie, ready for tonight

As we ate our food our stomachs felt so tight

Sleeping in our beds, we rest our tired heads.

By Tabatha Poole 5D


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Mogle rapidly darted away from the huge, monstrous tiger, hoping to escape it, but soon found himself cornered up against two rocks.

He anxiously turned around to face the tiger as it gave him a wide toothy grin…

Tabatha and Ryan

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Top 3 Terrific Video Games

One of my favorite video games is Minecraft. It is my favorite game because you can build whatever you want and you can fight monsters. You choose your life you have as well.





My second favorite game is Undertale. It is my second favorite game because I think the music is soothing and I like the layout of the game. As you progress through the game you either become friend or foe with the people you meet.




My third favorite game is FIFA because it is a football game and football is my favorite sport. It is also my third favorite game because it makes me feel like I am at a real football match.