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Batman V Bane

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As the sun began to rise, Bane aggressively wiped out Batman off of a skyscraper in Metropolis.

All of a sudden,the Batcopter tried to save him but it failed to catch billionaire Bruce Wayne …

He crashed to the solid ground with a THUD!

Eventually, Robin strolled past but he did not take any notice of him. Much later, Green Lantern walked past but he took no notice of Batman.

Luckily, Batman’s arch enemy (Joker) helped him up onto his feet! Then,Batman called the Batcopter one more time and it snatched them both up!    

# Be a hero even if you don’t like someone, they still have a kind heart .


By Maddison , Ryan , Rocco ,Jamie,Robert,Emily

The Bridge

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One sunny Sumatran day there were two adventurers named Bill and Joe. They were exploring the jungle when they came across an ancient unstable bridge, “Should we go across? ” asked Bill.

“What’s on the other side?” questioned Joe.

Bill took one step, creek…

Suddenly, there was a rustling sound coming from the bushes…

Christmas poem

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Santa brings presents for children

To let them enjoy the Christmas fun
Orange wrapped presents and more
Christmas is fun to share

Keep the Christmas spirit up Santa likes to have fun

In the night children sleep

Nightmares drift out and new dreams drift in

Going  down stairs to open the presents because CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!!!


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All of a sudden, the terrible tiger  leaped out of the corn, scaring the young boy as he jumped back in horror .

How will he survive?

Tabatha and Ryan

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Top 3 Terrific Video Games

One of my favorite video games is Minecraft. It is my favorite game because you can build whatever you want and you can fight monsters. You choose your life you have as well.





My second favorite game is Undertale. It is my second favorite game because I think the music is soothing and I like the layout of the game. As you progress through the game you either become friend or foe with the people you meet.




My third favorite game is FIFA because it is a football game and football is my favorite sport. It is also my third favorite game because it makes me feel like I am at a real football match.