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Buildings in the Tudor times

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Back in the Tudor times, only the rich had windows. The poor would have no doors. Some of the rich would live in a house called Jetty. A Jetty had three layers, the bottom would be small, the second layer would be bigger,and the top would be the biggest. Really important people like King Henry VIII would live in large and luxurious manors, castles or palaces.

The story of two little hedgehog’s

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One sunny magnificent morning, two hedgehogs ,  that had spiky backs , were playing by the cool,  green trees.The trees were yawning, when suddenly, the clouds began to weep. As the weather changed , they quickly rolled away to there underground lair dodging the large hailstones. Unfortunately ,when the shivering hedgehogs arrived at their home they realised the small doggy door was blocked by the ivory icy white hailstones 


Christmas poem

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Children are playing,

Hot and cold days,

Rudolph is coming to town,

Igloos are cold,

Santa’s coming to to town,

Tomorrow is Christmas,

Mum’s are nagging,

And dad’s are lazy,

Santa can see every child.

By Chanelle B and Ruby B

Ruby’s poem

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Santa is coming to town

The towns smell of turkey

Ooh oh oh santa is coming

Clock is ticking time to celebrate

Kind children

In the north pole is to cold

Nothing will stop me

Gorgeous gifts for everyone

Interesting facts about Guatemala

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  • 15.47 million people live in Guatemala
  • There are more than 30 volcanoes in Guatemala.
  • Many animals live in Guatemala, like Tapirs, Jaguars, Deer, Ocelos and Monkeys.
  • Guatemala is famous for natural beauty, ancient ruins and cuisine.
  • By the end of the civil war, 200,000 people died.

Maddison ,Ruby

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Once upon a time there was a green, slime witch called Killerall. She had a giant wart on the end of her nose that had a long greasy hair in it. Killerall lived in a town called witchberry. Her mum was a successful witch, what was all green, loved her darter so much.


The next day, Killerall had to go to witch and wizard school. She got There by a brunette broom but locker and she saw caller standing there. Caller said, “the maths teacher wants you,” Killerall walked back to the room but when she arrived knowing was there. All of a sudden, the door slam shut and Killerall saw knowing.


What will happen to Killerall?


Will she survive…