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Historical houses

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In the Tudor times houses stunk of poo because the patterns were made of cows manure and horse manure too. Many houses also had barmy jettys.

100 Word Challenge

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One rainy day, two men, who had bushy beards and smart suits, went driving to Oslo because they  were going on holiday. As they went past trees, they were waving hello. Immediately,the clouds began to shout with thunder and lightening dropping out of their mouths. As the weather changed, they began to  screech like a baby child. They changed what they were doing.

After five minutes, they decided to go to a nearby restaurant at Pizza Hut.

But were they safe?

THE BEGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One special day tropical day, a famous explorer 
named Monty, was on a expedition in the emerald 

SUDDENLY, he came up to the rickety old bridge
should he cross?

Joe & Mr Seward

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What do you want be when you are older?

 Robert: I want to be a brilliant bank manager because I love maths.

              Money in your face!   



Joe: I want to be fantastic footballer because I love football so much and that it is my favorite hobby. 




This is my favourite football and I really love the colour