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The girl ,who never returned.

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Suddenly, I woke up at midnight to get a glass of orange juice and I open the rusty handle of the door and I  thought it was the Crimson slime ,that I made but it was not …

ChristmasPoem by Renee and Indiana

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C  Carals are fun.

H  Having to share with family is great.

R    Running round with Santa is fantastic and fun.

I  I love christmas. do you love Christmas?

S Santa’s coming to town.

T  Time to wake up it ‘s christmas

M  My  god it’s gone so fast.

A  Apple pies are great for joly santa

S Santa is real oh oh Santa is real my mum and dad tell me stories about  him

Christmas poem

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Stockings full with joy.

Tomorrow is Christmas day.

October has past.

Christmas is fling towards us

Keep the joy flowing with laughter and cheer

In Christmas time every one is busy .

Now every one is full with happiness.

Gather all your family and friends

So now it is time to go to bed.

Taja and Renee

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Funny jokes

Why was the football pitch wet ……….. because the footballers were dribbling on it.



How do you catch a fish on a computer……….by the internet.


Why did the banana have to go to the hospital…….because it wasn’t peeling very well



What do you call a sleeping ball……….a bulldoze



Where does the sheep go to get there hair cut…….to the baabaa shop.