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One cold evening, while Batman was strolling through Gotham City, which was dark and cold.

As quick as a flash, Harley Quinn and Cat woman pounced out and robbed Batman without thinking.

All of a sudden, Robin who was wearing a ruby red cape, came along but didn’t help Batman.

Then Joker, who had a pale white face, came riding past but didn’t help.

Thankfully, Superman, who is his enemy, came along. Finally, he helped Batman and flew him to the nearest hospital.

Kindly, Superman saved Batman’s life. The message to this parable is: a friend in need, is a friend indeed.

Girls rule the world

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Back at the club,Katy Parry was dancing her socks off. Elegantly ,she wore a silky red dress, that had diamonds on the top of the dress.

Suddenly, Katy Parry was dragged out side by a masked man like bat man. Violently, he tore her luxurious necklace off.

A few minutes later, Zayn walked past Katy Pery and just smiled and walked away. Two minutes later, Justin Bieber walked past Katy Pery and just strolled away.

Finally, Taylor swift comes past katy pary and comes over to her. She picked her up and took her to the glittery limo.

Barely alive, Katey Perry arrived at the hospital.

#Don’t hurt my friends

Batman V Bane

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As the sun began to rise, Bane aggressively wiped out Batman off of a skyscraper in Metropolis.

All of a sudden,the Batcopter tried to save him but it failed to catch billionaire Bruce Wayne …

He crashed to the solid ground with a THUD!

Eventually, Robin strolled past but he did not take any notice of him. Much later, Green Lantern walked past but he took no notice of Batman.

Luckily, Batman’s arch enemy (Joker) helped him up onto his feet! Then,Batman called the Batcopter one more time and it snatched them both up!    

# Be a hero even if you don’t like someone, they still have a kind heart .


By Maddison , Ryan , Rocco ,Jamie,Robert,Emily


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One rainy Tuesday morning, Hilary Clinton strolled out of the White house in preparation for her speech. She was carrying her lovely handbag with her precious documents.

Mysteriously, a criminal man ,who was wearing a obsidian mask like Batman , stole her handbag full of the important documents.

Suddenly, Obama, who is known for being incredibly helpful, walked past. Did he help?NO!

Next, Teresa May, who is known for being incredibly kind, walked past.Did she help?NO!

Eventually,Donald  Trump walked past.

Did he help? YES!

##Be kind and show respect

The 21st century parable

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On Tuesday evening, after winning the fantastic show The X-factor, Katie Perry,who had a beautiful diamond dress, was taking an evening stroll in New York beside an azure blue river.

Suddenly, out of nowhere Michel Jackson jumped out of a dirty bush and took all of Katie’s precious belongings.

After a while, famous Justin Beiber saw Katie, but, did he help? NO. Then pretty Rhiana hurried by and saw Katie,  sadly she looked away and strolled back to her private jet. Did she help? NO.

Before long, terrific Taylor Swift, who is Katie Perry’ s biggest enemy, spotted Katie in the corner of her eye. She was horrified so she quickly called her limo and got Katie safely inside. She took out her fancy first aid kit out and wiped the bloody wound.

The message to this parable is:


De bryune saves the day!

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One sunny afternoon in The Ritz hotel, Pogba, who plays for Manchester United, got robbed and thrown into the the swimming pool! They stole his yellow Aston Martin.

After a while, the wonderful and famous Ed sheeran came driving by in his black Lambogini.

Did he help? NO!

Soon after that, Kim Kardashian strutted by and ignored Pogba and walked away.

Did she help? No!

Thankfully, Kevin De Bruyne came by in his green Porsh, even though he hates Pogba, he kindly decided to help by buying him a brand new car, plasters and medicines 

The message of this story is #true neighbours