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Science evaluation sheet

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Today (25/04/2017) at Aveley primary school we watched a show, which taught us about how to save water. Recently, in Essex there has not been any rain since February so that means three whole months with no water going into the dams!!!

We enjoyed the show because there was a lot of laughter and fun!

Friend ship week.

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This week was friend ship week so we done some fun activities. We made some biscuits, that had a nice word on them some people swapped and some took them home to show their family. We also done many other fun activities! Everyone needs to be kind to each other!

Friendship week biscuits

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Road Safety

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Today, we went on a road safety walk and learnt all about seat belts, air bags and speed limits.

We all wore fluorescent jackets with a reflective strip to keep us safe.


What did you learn today?

Year 5 plans and targets

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This week, we have been discussing the new school year. We have each made a ‘New Years resolution.’

We have all decorated a rocket and these are our best astronaut faces.

Aim for the moon and if you fall, you fall amongst the stars.

Team work makes the dream work!

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Tower buildingĀ 

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