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Evacuee Letter

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Dear Parents,

I miss you and I hope You are safe.

When I got onto the train to Brighten i felt despondent , that i had to say goodbye to you.

when i arrived I felt so home sick, that i wanted to go run back home.I waited to get my new selected  foster family.

I got chosen by a mean looking old man, When we arrived to my new home I thought it could be a new start to my life but I was wrong . They made me either do the disgusting dishes or clean the the flat,tiled  floor.

My heart sank like a heavy rock drowning into a pond when he locked me into my room.

When I was at school all the children bullied me because of my accent but luckily my teacher is not only horrible but also cruel and strict  .

When i was at home again I had to make dinner (I made mash potato and peas).I wish I could come bake home now .I am so bored all I do is clean up the house and sometimes if I do a good job at cleaning up I sometimes get to have a break.

I wish i could come back home now .

with lots of love,


(P.S I love you so much)


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One cold evening, while Batman was strolling through Gotham City, which was dark and cold.

As quick as a flash, Harley Quinn and Cat woman pounced out and robbed Batman without thinking.

All of a sudden, Robin who was wearing a ruby red cape, came along but didn’t help Batman.

Then Joker, who had a pale white face, came riding past but didn’t help.

Thankfully, Superman, who is his enemy, came along. Finally, he helped Batman and flew him to the nearest hospital.

Kindly, Superman saved Batman’s life. The message to this parable is: a friend in need, is a friend indeed.

The bridge of life

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On a special, tropical day, a famous explorer was on an adventure around the emerald jungle, that had awesome gadgets . Suddenly  he came across a ragged, rickety bridge. Should the adventurer cross this mysterious bridge ? Who knows ?

In 2017 I Hope …

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In 2017 I hope that terrorism and racism is over.

In 2017 I hope that everyone will have a home .

In 2017 I hope that i’ll have a pet .

In 2017 I hope that Everyone Will Be Happy !


By Naomi

A Christmas Poem by Naomi

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Santa is coming

Time for christmas to come

Only the time for celebrating

Children are plying around the tree

Kind adults sing calm caroles

In the night there’s a flash of light

Night is here so Santa is near

Good night to all and to all a good night

By Naomi


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