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The 21st century parable

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On Tuesday evening, after winning the fantastic show The X-factor, Katie Perry,who had a beautiful diamond dress, was taking an evening stroll in New York beside an azure blue river.

Suddenly, out of nowhere Michel Jackson jumped out of a dirty bush and took all of Katie’s precious belongings.

After a while, famous Justin Beiber saw Katie, but, did he help? NO. Then pretty Rhiana hurried by and saw Katie,  sadly she looked away and strolled back to her private jet. Did she help? NO.

Before long, terrific Taylor Swift, who is Katie Perry’ s biggest enemy, spotted Katie in the corner of her eye. She was horrified so she quickly called her limo and got Katie safely inside. She took out her fancy first aid kit out and wiped the bloody wound.

The message to this parable is:


Spectacular Facts About Loggerhead Sea Turtles

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Logerhead sea turtles are reptiles and are normally carnivores. Unlike most turtles these turtles have a sweet tooth for a variety of meat. They eat shell fish,that live at the very bottom of the ocean,horse shoe crabs,clams,mussels and other invertabrates. Their average life span in the wild is more than 50 years. Did you know that loggerhead sea turtles can move through water at speeds up to 24km an our?

Beach trip

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It was one beautiful,hot day and all the families went to the best beach ever.It had the most delicious ice cream and you could swim with dolphins,that was really exciting. As families and friends had fun swimming, suddenly, clouds began to appear and thunder and lightning as powerful as an army of rhinos started to strike the beach. As the weather changed, they all sprinted out of the sea and rushed through the thick, soft sand to get to their bright coloured cars. Will all the families get home through all that dangerous rain and thunder? How did the weather change so quickly?

The invasion

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It all happened one night.A bridge was built from our world to the animals’ world.A bridge built from the very trees that stood in the same rainforest the animals lived in.Suddenly,the humans invaded the rainforest and started to chop at the trees viciously.Would the animals let this horrific catastrophe happen right in front of them and do nothing?

Henry VIII fun facts also homework

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1] On June 24,1509 his coronation was complete.

2] When Henry VIII ascended the throne,he seems to have followed a philosophy of work to live,not living to work.

3] During his reign,important political,economic and religious changes occerred which have shaped society ever since.

4] He was born in 1491 and reigned from 1509-1547.

5] Henry was 17 when he came to the throne and was King for 37 years,6 months and 9 days.

6] He was part of the dynasty who ruled England between 1485 and 1603.

7] Henry VIII had 7 siblings.

8] He married his 1st wife,a spanish princess called Katherine of Aragon,in 1511.

9] His 2nd wife was called Anne Boleyn.

10] His 3rd wife was called Jane Seymor.

11] Anne of Cleves who came from Belgium became Henrys 4th wife.

12] Catherine Howard became Henrys 5th wife.She was 19 and Henry was 49 when they married.

13] Henrys 6th wife was Kateryn Parr and they were married at Hampton Court Palace in 1543.

Migle’s Snowman Christmas Poem

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Snow is falling

Never stopping

Oh my god

Winters coming

Many children having fun

A merry merry Christmas to everyone

Nobody is left out

Migle’s 100 Word Challenge

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2016 has been amazing!I have done lots of spectacular things!There are millions and millions of strengths this year!But sadly there is 1 weakness… WARS.In 2017 I hope that all the wars will stop all around the world especially in Syria because all war does is destroy all friendships and life! In Syria there have been loads of wars lately and I really hate it because wars are very dangerous and lots of people can die,get injured or lose their families and friends.In conclusion my Christmas wish is for every family to have a safe Christmas and a happy non dangerous new year!

Migle’s Christmas Poem

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Stocking is hung up high on the wall,

Time is ticking for Santa to come,

One after the other its filled with sweets,

Christmas brings joy,that no one can miss,

Kit-Kats are shared on Christmas day,

Isn’t this a wonderful Christmas today?

No one is left without a present,

Great times are shared with you and with me.

Joseph and Migle

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Gadgets of the future!!!


If you could invent a gadget, what would it be?


I would make an I pad which takes 2 minutes to charge and ever lasting battery. It will never get hacked, not working and never brake. It will be tougher than a enchanted rock. It also smells like chocolate and you talk to the I pad  then you call 23 for the robot which will serve you .


If I could invent any gadget,I would make a I pad that has a secret button hidden very well on the back of the I pad and you need to enter a code and secret doors open and you see a button that says TRANSFORM and it folds into a small light cube and you can fit it in your pocket.