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Eggsplosion 100 Word Challenge

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One rainy day an egg fell from the sky and landed in toy city. Three little men were meant to clear it up but first they put three cones round it so nobody could touch it. The next day was hot and the little men were bored so they jumped in to the egg one by one but an hour later when two men were talking to a friend the other man got stuck in the stickey egg. The more they pulled him the sticker the egg got !  

Will he ever get out ?

  Or will the egg gobble him up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Maddison vickers 

5D.                                     Also, Happy birthday miss Daly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Halloween Night

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When the golden  stars were up and dancing, a  little girl was getting a drink when see saw a scarlett , red stain on the cerulean ceiling . ” Where has this stain come from?” She said to herself .

When she got back to bed she could not stop think about it f anything but the stain.That was when she got back up and went to see the stain again .She put her  bubblegum chair up and touched it . That was when she noticed it was scarlett red  dripping blood ! 

Who’s blood is it ?

Were did it come from ?

A letter from WW2.

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Dear Mum,

I hope you are Ok and safe at London. I MISS YOU LOTS!!!!!!

Are you safe ? I can’t stop wondering if you are going to survive all the bombs ! Has a bomb demolished are house yet ? I really want to come home !

As soon as I got on the train my hands were shaking mad . I had so much on my mind that night that I could not get to sleep .I kept wondering if you are going to survive or not . Also, I kept wondering if some one would look after me . Not only, was I worried about you but also I am  worried about My fantastic  Father.

I got sent to Bridgley and the person who took me in were as kind as snowball(My new cat they got me ). On Thursday, is chore day 9 am till 7 pm . On Saturday,I get to have a friend round. My Nice, new  family have one daughter and 3 sons . We also have a massive  garden . The Daughter ( Rose ) has some toys so when it is my day off we play. Even though My new family is nice, I still want to come home . I have just started to get home sick !

Being Chosen was the worst thing that  could ever happen to me ! It was so nerve racking because all you could think of is if  you would have get chosen or not.  Also , the people look at you they ask to see your hands , teeth and lots more . This man came up to me and said  I have to small hands to help him in the garden.

I do hope you are all right .I really wish that I could run home to be with you .

I will  write again soon ,I have to go do some chores .

Hope to hear from you soon ,


x x x



By Maddison

Batman V Bane

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As the sun began to rise, Bane aggressively wiped out Batman off of a skyscraper in Metropolis.

All of a sudden,the Batcopter tried to save him but it failed to catch billionaire Bruce Wayne …

He crashed to the solid ground with a THUD!

Eventually, Robin strolled past but he did not take any notice of him. Much later, Green Lantern walked past but he took no notice of Batman.

Luckily, Batman’s arch enemy (Joker) helped him up onto his feet! Then,Batman called the Batcopter one more time and it snatched them both up!    

# Be a hero even if you don’t like someone, they still have a kind heart .


By Maddison , Ryan , Rocco ,Jamie,Robert,Emily

The word weather (100 word challenge )

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One cold, winters morning in southern England ,Lenny,who was 5 years old,was  waiting for a phone call from his favourite cousin . Loo loo was 6 years old and she lived in Brazil. Brazil was suffering hot heat waves.

All of a sudden , the phone rang with a loud Jessie jay song blaring out of it.

“It must be LooLoo!”cried Lenny with excitement.

“Hi Lenny. Did you know we were suffering snow storms as the weather changed I realised it was no longer sunny and burning hot !”reported LooLoo.

“Well if you think your weather was weird listen to this ! Wednesday my family and I were watching football when it suddenly got scorching hot and the snow stopped!” 

A Deadly, Rickety, Old bridge by Maddison

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One  summers morning , I was stuck! I needed to cross an old , rickety bridge.Under the bridge, was a dirty swamp of starving, angry alligators. I put one foot on then another . But all of a sudden there was a loud,


In 2017 I hope … By Maddison

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My year hasn’t been that bad but in 2017 I hope that I will see my Auntie and Uncle more .

Also in 2017 I hope my mum will get me a phone !

But if I don’t get a phone In 2017, I hope my  mum will double  my pocket money.

And if that don’t happen I hope in 2017 my Nan will let us stay round more.

But if that don’t happen in 2017 I hope  it is the best year ever!!!!

Christmas poem by Maddison

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Stockings are full,

Topped up of gifts,

Over loaded with toys and sweets,

Caroles of joy,

Keep rattling the bells,

In the night of Christmas eve,

Nobody but Santa is awake,

Going shopping is over now .


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The young boy sprinted away from the tiger . All of a sudden, a dark shadow appeard from nowhere .There was a charcoal black Panther coming to the young boys rescue… He threw him to safety and began to battle the angry tiger. Who will survive?

Maddison ,Ruby

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Once upon a time there was a green, slime witch called Killerall. She had a giant wart on the end of her nose that had a long greasy hair in it. Killerall lived in a town called witchberry. Her mum was a successful witch, what was all green, loved her darter so much.


The next day, Killerall had to go to witch and wizard school. She got There by a brunette broom but locker and she saw caller standing there. Caller said, “the maths teacher wants you,” Killerall walked back to the room but when she arrived knowing was there. All of a sudden, the door slam shut and Killerall saw knowing.


What will happen to Killerall?


Will she survive…