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Evacuee letter

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Dear mum,

I am so sad that I had to leave home with out you I did not like the train ride here because of all of the other kids were roaring and crying.

They were shouting and crying because they had to leave their mother and fathers.

On Tuesday morning, I managed to catch some sleep on the roughest seat ever.Then, I arrived at Liverpool and put my tag on and  got the angriest parents out of all of them. I don’t like them because they make me do all of the work at home and some times my foster mum locks me under the staircase. Not only do I probably have the angriest parents but also the worlds worst brothers they always bully me.

Yesterday, was my first day at school because of my accent I got bullied. I was as petrified as a scared bunny. Unbelievably, I got a sticker from miss Lucy she is a very nice teacher and she protects me from the bully’s.

Yours sincerely,

Loukie and Lewis




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“Did you hear that dad?”

“No” replied Flynn.

He thought he was going crazy, but he was not,which was good,

Two hours later, they came across an old, ancient bridge that lead to no where…


Christmas poem by Louie

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Santa is coming to town 

Tomorrow is Christmas day here 

On its way the snow comes 

Christmas day is here 

Kind family come together

In the house friends cheer

Now it is Christmas day!


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Rapidly, the boy leaped down to the obsidian, dark ditch to hide from the evil tiger, who was very hungry to eat someone.

Louie and Ellie

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Super sport


My best sport is football because all of my fantastic friends play with me on my school team.

Also I like it because if u play it for a job you paid lots or money.

The best player in the world is Ronaldo, which is the best football player on the on the planet other than pele, which played for Brazil.