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Guess the teacher

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They have long hair….

They have blonde hair….

They are tall….

I will give you a clue it is a female…

Guess who it is?

Slime mystery

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Gently, I opened my azure eyes from my beauty sleep. As I jumped out of my bed, a drop of different vibrant colours fell on my head it felt like a rain drop.But when I looked up, I screamed and ran out of my room. I thought it was in my head mum had put melted chocolate, but it looked like slime.

I ran to my mum and screamed at her, “There is SLIME on my ceiling!”

Suddenly, the slime followed me down stairs and the slime dropped through the ceiling and dropped on my mum’s head . Rapidly, I skipped to the garden on the fresh grass.Then I noticed  it was not fresh grass it was green slime…

100 Word Challenge

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One rainy day, two men, who had bushy beards and smart suits, went driving to Oslo because they  were going on holiday. As they went past trees, they were waving hello. Immediately,the clouds began to shout with thunder and lightening dropping out of their mouths. As the weather changed, they began to  screech like a baby child. They changed what they were doing.

After five minutes, they decided to go to a nearby restaurant at Pizza Hut.

But were they safe?


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As quick as a lightning, he stopped in fear and cautiously stared at the young boy, who leaped into the ditch.

Recipes for yummy cakes

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Recipes for yummy cakes



Chocolate cakes:


  1. 3 large eggs
  2. 175g (6oz) self-rising flour
  3. 157g (6oz) soften butter
  4. One and a half level tsp backing powder
  5. 400g (one and a half oz.) cocoa powder
  6. 4tbsp of boiling water
  7. A little icing sugar, to serve


         Chocolate spreading\ganache icing:

1.150 ml (5f1 oz.) double cream

2.150g (5oz) plain chocolate, broken into pieces

  1. 4tbsp of apricot jam


           You also need:

  1. 2 times 17 cm (7 in) deep sandwich tins, greased and lined with non-stick backing paper