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Evacuee Letter From WW2

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Dear Mum and family,

I hope you are well and safe London. I love you all.

When I got on the bus to Devon I was very upset after saying goodbye, I started to sob as soon as the engines came on. When we got further down the lane, my heart started to sink like a stone slowly drowning to the bottom of the ocean.I felt a little homesick after a while and I didn’t touch either my sandwich or my apple.

On Wednesday afternoon,we finally arrived at Devon.I was a little worried when we had to sit on the old rickety chairs,that smelt like rotten bananas. There was lots of children(1000) waiting to be chosen by another adult.I was absolutely worried if i was going to be chosen but,i was chosen  last. Suddenly, I was chosen by a kind man and he smiled at me and then said softly come with me.

Tomorrow, I am going to school. I have 1 Sister and a baby Brother here.Later, I will go out with my foster family and help grow crops and pluck the rosy red apples off of the tree.I hope I will get lots of friends at school and the teachers will like me.I hope I can see you soon.

Lots Of Love Lacie and Rocco

The 21st century parable

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On Tuesday evening, after winning the fantastic show The X-factor, Katie Perry,who had a beautiful diamond dress, was taking an evening stroll in New York beside an azure blue river.

Suddenly, out of nowhere Michel Jackson jumped out of a dirty bush and took all of Katie’s precious belongings.

After a while, famous Justin Beiber saw Katie, but, did he help? NO. Then pretty Rhiana hurried by and saw Katie,  sadly she looked away and strolled back to her private jet. Did she help? NO.

Before long, terrific Taylor Swift, who is Katie Perry’ s biggest enemy, spotted Katie in the corner of her eye. She was horrified so she quickly called her limo and got Katie safely inside. She took out her fancy first aid kit out and wiped the bloody wound.

The message to this parable is:


Fantastic Facts about Terriffic Tudor houses

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      Tudor house

They are made out of:

. timber

. Daub

. Wattle

Sometimes rich Tudor houses are made out of bricks and have fancy patterns on their windows. Tudor houses were black and white because they used small sticks and wet clay. Also, they used sticky black tar to paint the houses black. Peasants lived in straw houses and slept on straw. Really all they lived on was straw. They would only have a box to keep all their things in and two pots to put their food in.

The amazing adventure

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One warm and sunny morning, there were two furry and stripy tigers, that had claws as sharp as knives. They lived in the emerald,bottle green jungle. Suddenly, as the weather began to change, they zoomed like an aqua rocket towards their midnight, black cave, that was made out of smooth coal. 

Crystal, white and icy snowflakes began to fall like tiny raindrops on the tropical jungle trees. After a while, the icy ground grew as tall as a beanstalk. As quick as a blink, the two furry tigers brought their delicious prey back to the obsidian cave,that was as old as a crumbling castle. 

Could this be the last thing they eat?

Lovely Lacie’s story opener

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One peaceful sunny morning, Jill woke up and found her self  at the beginning of  an old rickety bridge… She started to wonder where am I? How am I going to get back? How am I going to eat? Jill started to stroll over the bridge, that was on top of  a huge rapidly rushing river.






Dear Diary

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Dear Diary,

I have just got back from Spain and there is a huge present. I went inside and opened it and something tiny and fluffy jumped out. It was a tiny puppy and there was a note it says:

To Lacie

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Please look after this puppy and love it forever.

From your long lost Uncle.

By Lacie 5D

Christmas poem

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Santa is on his way,

Tomorrow is christmas day,

Our family and friends are over to stay,

Christmas is on it’s way,

Kind families come together,

Icicles start to grow,

Nice children get amazing presents,

Giving gifts is so much fun.

By Lacie 5D

lacie and kyle

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Segway car.

  1. Flying car.
  2. Walking plate.
  3. A pen that writes and draws for you.
  4. A computer that you can control with your mind.
  5. A pencil case that makes any thing!
  6. A game that you can jump into it!
  7. A pencil that if you look at it and you want a different colour it will just change.
  8. If you crack a pencil another will be inside!
  9. Shoes that if you tell it to do something it will!