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100 word challenge

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As soon as I woke I saw a big aqua blue water patch, like a blanket on a bed. But, when I touched it it was slime.

Science evaluation sheet

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Today (25/04/2017) at Aveley primary school we watched a show, which taught us about how to save water. Recently, in Essex there has not been any rain since February so that means three whole months with no water going into the dams!!!

We enjoyed the show because there was a lot of laughter and fun!

Evacuee letter

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Dear mum,

I am so sad that I had to leave home with out you I did not like the train ride here because of all of the other kids were roaring and crying.

They were shouting and crying because they had to leave their mother and fathers.

On Tuesday morning, I managed to catch some sleep on the roughest seat ever.Then, I arrived at Liverpool and put my tag on and  got the angriest parents out of all of them. I don’t like them because they make me do all of the work at home and some times my foster mum locks me under the staircase. Not only do I probably have the angriest parents but also the worlds worst brothers they always bully me.

Yesterday, was my first day at school because of my accent I got bullied. I was as petrified as a scared bunny. Unbelievably, I got a sticker from miss Lucy she is a very nice teacher and she protects me from the bully’s.

Yours sincerely,

Loukie and Lewis



The story of two little hedgehog’s

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One sunny magnificent morning, two hedgehogs ,  that had spiky backs , were playing by the cool,  green trees.The trees were yawning, when suddenly, the clouds began to weep. As the weather changed , they quickly rolled away to there underground lair dodging the large hailstones. Unfortunately ,when the shivering hedgehogs arrived at their home they realised the small doggy door was blocked by the ivory icy white hailstones 


The abandoned mysterious bridge

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The abandoned mysterious bridge


One bright and sparkly morning, a young boy woke and sighed because he had to get out of his tent and walk across the ABANDONED bridge to collect some water.

As Jack was the bravest in the village, Jack collected all the jugs and bottles and adventured on.

Suddenly, the linen white bridge went CREAK then SNAP

“AAAAAAAAAAAA!” said jack as he fell, “HHHEEELLLPPP”…

Will Jack be saved?

Will Jack survive?                      

Kyran’s 100 word challenge

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In 2017, I hope I get to meet TDM because he does vlogs on his pugs and their cute. Also, I want to try the new playstation vr because it feels like you’re actually in the game.

Kyran’s Christmas acrostic poem

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Santa is coming

Time is rushing

Only one more day to go

Click along with the songs

Kind children get gorgeous gifts

In the dark gloomy night I go to bed

No one is left without a gift

Grab your gorgeous gifts


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Unexpectedly, Mogli ran out of land to run to safety. He recoiled down a deep dark ditch.

Will he survive?

Top 8 favourite foods

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I like cookies because they’re delicious.


2. chicken curry


I love chicken curry because it is spicy.

3. cake


4.bubblegum bonbons


5. spaghetti bolognaise


6. brain licker


7. mr porky


8.sour  jawbreaker