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Life as an evacuee

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Dear Mother and  Father,                                                                                               I hope all is well in London. I miss you very much.

When I arrived at the train station, my legs were so cold, that I could have turned into a ice cube, the journey seemed to be going on for hours. I was heart-broken when I realized that I would have to say goodbye to you, my brothers and my sisters. When I was on the train, there were many other children either sobbing or yelling. The train was so cramped that it could have been a tin of minced meat. I wanted to lock my self away and pretend that nothing was happening but I knew that I couldn’t. The place that I had to get off at was Bridgly. I was worried weather my new family would accept me like you did.

By the time I had arrived at the train station, I felt scared and worried. I slowly stepped off of the train and could feel the cold, hard marble floor under my feet. In the hall, there were lots of children (both young and old) standing in long lines waiting to be selected like I was. I waited and waited at the back of the line. The amount of time I waited, I am not sure but it seemed like an eternity. After a while, a tall man approached me and looked into my eyes with a cold, stony look. Suddenly, his stony face turned into a beaming smile. That calmed me down a little. He then took my hand and led me away.


I must go now.

Love from,



The 21st century parable

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On Tuesday evening, after winning the fantastic show The X-factor, Katie Perry,who had a beautiful diamond dress, was taking an evening stroll in New York beside an azure blue river.

Suddenly, out of nowhere Michel Jackson jumped out of a dirty bush and took all of Katie’s precious belongings.

After a while, famous Justin Beiber saw Katie, but, did he help? NO. Then pretty Rhiana hurried by and saw Katie,  sadly she looked away and strolled back to her private jet. Did she help? NO.

Before long, terrific Taylor Swift, who is Katie Perry’ s biggest enemy, spotted Katie in the corner of her eye. She was horrified so she quickly called her limo and got Katie safely inside. She took out her fancy first aid kit out and wiped the bloody wound.

The message to this parable is:


The story of a young boy (Middle Ages)

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Firstly, a young poor homeless boy called James was going to meet King Henry VIII. The rickety castle, that had windows as shiny as gold, was beautiful. DING! James pressed the old doorbell because he was going to meet Henry VIII. Secondly, James was only 7 years old and poor James had to be a page so that means he will have to ride a flamingo pink pig and put shine heavy amour on a brave fearless knight. Then…

the frightening bridge!

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When I was walking in the windy forest the cucumber trees swung in my face, which had sparkling blond hair.

“Wow I found this old cool bridge,” I whispered. I want to go along it to see what’s on the other side.

I yelled ,”I think there might be riches or something sparkly.”

I went on the old bridge then…BANG!

New year poem

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Now it’s 2017,

Everyone is getting older,

We are all very happy,


Year 2016 has gone,

Everyone is having a big party,

And I wish you all a very happy new year,

Roads are getting icy.


By Chanelle and Kyle

100 word challenge

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A man called Jack was a toy maker and made computers,phones and books. 

Jack asked his self, ” In 2017 I hope the world will be a better place,” then his mean old boss, who had a jet black coat, whispered to Jack,” That will never happen”.

So Jack stormed off in the dark blue water.

Christmas poem

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Santa is on his way

This time he will bring more presents

Omg I cant believe how many presents he has gave me

Christmas is fun when there is snow

Kind people get good gifts

In the dark i can see santa’s reindeers

Night and day the elves make toys

Good gifts is the best thing in the world

by Kyle 5d



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AS Mogle was taking a glance in the distance, suddenly, a greedy growling dangerous tiger pounced at him.

Will he survive?

lacie and kyle

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Segway car.

  1. Flying car.
  2. Walking plate.
  3. A pen that writes and draws for you.
  4. A computer that you can control with your mind.
  5. A pencil case that makes any thing!
  6. A game that you can jump into it!
  7. A pencil that if you look at it and you want a different colour it will just change.
  8. If you crack a pencil another will be inside!
  9. Shoes that if you tell it to do something it will!