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Vicious Velvet Stain

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Slowly, the vicious velvet stain of blob dripped on my aqua blue carpet, that my friend bought me for Christmas. My room was like it got wrecked by a furious baby. I tried to get rid of it but it was too thick. It smelt like out of date eggs. My mum, who was in a good mood, turned the  albuminous green handle and…  Her face was as angry as a charging bull, and she gashed her teeth together full of digust.

“Why is your room full of slime?”

“Umm,” Harry thought as his cheeks turned as red as a rose.

WW2 evacuee letter

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Dear Mum,

I hope you are safe back at London, I miss you.

It was really hard saying goodbye to you. We were going to Cornwall and the young children were as loud as a howling ,wild wolf. There were thousands of people on the busy, blue train. I feel like an ancient book sitting on a shelf waiting to be read. I am petrified, worried and  fearful. I neither touched my lunch nor talked to anyone.

The journey took two and a half hours and arrived on Wednesday ( 10am ). I was as timed as a tortoise. I could never have survived that long without being sick. I was nervous that I would have an evil family. I had to wait for more than 10 minutes.

I have a really kind family, I have 2 friends called Jack and Zoe. I have 1 step brother called Zak  and 1 step sister called  Ella. They both like playing  Football.My mums name is   Mandy  and my dads name is David. They let me cook with them. Now I have learned how to make pancakes with maple syrup and sweet waffles.

Are you well ? Is everyone okay ? hope you reply back to me, have a lovely time,


Lots of  love

Joseph and Indiana











De bryune saves the day!

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One sunny afternoon in The Ritz hotel, Pogba, who plays for Manchester United, got robbed and thrown into the the swimming pool! They stole his yellow Aston Martin.

After a while, the wonderful and famous Ed sheeran came driving by in his black Lambogini.

Did he help? NO!

Soon after that, Kim Kardashian strutted by and ignored Pogba and walked away.

Did she help? No!

Thankfully, Kevin De Bruyne came by in his green Porsh, even though he hates Pogba, he kindly decided to help by buying him a brand new car, plasters and medicines 

The message of this story is #true neighbours 

Buildings in the Tudor times

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Back in the Tudor times, only the rich had windows. The poor would have no doors. Some of the rich would live in a house called Jetty. A Jetty had three layers, the bottom would be small, the second layer would be bigger,and the top would be the biggest. Really important people like King Henry VIII would live in large and luxurious manors, castles or palaces.

The amazing adventure

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One warm and sunny morning, there were two furry and stripy tigers, that had claws as sharp as knives. They lived in the emerald,bottle green jungle. Suddenly, as the weather began to change, they zoomed like an aqua rocket towards their midnight, black cave, that was made out of smooth coal. 

Crystal, white and icy snowflakes began to fall like tiny raindrops on the tropical jungle trees. After a while, the icy ground grew as tall as a beanstalk. As quick as a blink, the two furry tigers brought their delicious prey back to the obsidian cave,that was as old as a crumbling castle. 

Could this be the last thing they eat?

The mysterious, American bridge by joseph

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Once in America, there was a old, ancient bridge. The bridge was made from the stone ages. It was made from rusty metal and wild wood. It had lots of red and blue boats . There are also snapping  crocodile and biting piranha fishes. Behind, was a variety of different shades of green bushes, leaves and trees, that have fruit and veg. IT WAS A RAINFOREST WITH ANIMALS.

In 2017 I hope

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In 2017, I hope I get faster and better in football . Also in 2017 , when i’m in year six  I hope I also get smarter . Also, I cannot wait till 2017 because its a new year, which means i’m turning 11 . [ just because in two years time i’m a teenager ]


I am also looking forward to 2017 because near the end of 2017 Fifa 18 will come out and I also want to see the new minions [because its funny ] and the new Moana. Not forgetting the NEW Star Wars, as my friend said was was excellent . For 2017 christmas, I hope in 2019 fifa 19 comes out.

Christmas poem by Joseph D

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Santa is coming

Triple present are on their way

October has gone

Christmas is in 6 more days

Keep calm

Indigo lights shines

Nibbling rabbits nibble carrot cake

Green lights light up like a candle

Joseph and Migle

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Gadgets of the future!!!


If you could invent a gadget, what would it be?


I would make an I pad which takes 2 minutes to charge and ever lasting battery. It will never get hacked, not working and never brake. It will be tougher than a enchanted rock. It also smells like chocolate and you talk to the I pad  then you call 23 for the robot which will serve you .


If I could invent any gadget,I would make a I pad that has a secret button hidden very well on the back of the I pad and you need to enter a code and secret doors open and you see a button that says TRANSFORM and it folds into a small light cube and you can fit it in your pocket.