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The Slime Mystery

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Yesterday, I went to the shop and I got a massive box of slime, that was dark blue. It smelt like blueberries. When I got home I played with my slime all day. I put it on my hands and the slime dripped through. My mum was getting angry because I had to do my homework, but, I was having to much fun with my dark blue slime!

When it was bed time, I put my slime back in the massive box and I fell to sleep. I woke up in the morning and my slime was gone! Also, my window was open and it was closed last night…

I jumped out of my bed and ran outside for miles. Finally, I found my way home and I looked in my shut slime box. I immediately noticed my slime was back!

Was it a dream?

How did it get there?

Where did it go?


WORLD WAR 2 homework

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A tank is an armoured combat vehicle, typically armed with a large cannon and a few machine guns.A tank’s crew is normally 3-5 men. A driver, commander and a gunner are always in the tank together.There may also be a loader, who handles the ammunition for the main gun.Some WWII tanks also had a man responsible for the radio.Tanks can actually move at about 25 miles per hour on flat terrain and up to 45 miles per hour on roads! Some tanks have even gone as fast as 60 to 70 miles per hour for short periods of time.


The first major attacks in World War II were made by German and Japan aircrafts ,that were called The Axis forces, in the takeover of countries such as Denmark, Poland, and the Netherlands.Later, Germany would attempt to destroy England’s Royal Air Force in the Battle of Britain.During this battle, German planes dropped thousands of bombs on England for over three months straight.The 2 most popular used Axis planes in WWII were called The Messerschmitt BF-109 and The Focke-Wulf 190.The British needed a response and they did with the now world famous Spitfire plane guided by a new and advanced technology called radar.Over 160 different aircrafts were used in WWII.


World War II was the last time that battleships ruled the U.S. Navy. It was also the last time that large numbers of merchant ships and luxury liners were used as troop transports. Two of the most famous ships from that war are the USS Missouri and the Queen Mary.The first American cruisers were designed in 1882: the 4,500-ton Chicago and the 3,000-ton Atlanta and Boston. All battle ships were fully covered in armour and they had a big gun at the front called The Front Gun.

One of the most famous events of WWII was at Pearl Harbor ,the barrage lasted just 2 hours but it was devastating ,The Japanese managed to destroy nearly 20 American vessels including 8 enormous battleships , and more than 300 planes , more than 2000 soldiers and sailers died in the attack.


Historical houses

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In the Tudor times houses stunk of poo because the patterns were made of cows manure and horse manure too. Many houses also had barmy jettys.

The crazy TORNADO/flood!

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One sunny and quiet morning, an unexpected vicious storm raised from the Wild West. As the weather changed, they condensed together and made a huge, frightening tornado. People were screaming and some lost their dear children because they were running as fast as a pack of lions. All of a sudden, the strong, screaming tornado broke the tiny hard bricks that kept the azure blue water up. Then there was a humongous flood with water gushing out from the breaks in the crimson and charcoal bricks.

Will you help this out of control disaster?


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One bright and wet morning, I was looking for some food and I discovered a long ancient bridge, that looked very dangerous.How did it get there? Who made it? I didn’t wan’t to go over there but there might of been some food. One foot went. CRACK…

I was over.As I turned, there was a huge crack. I looked behind me and there was no bridge. How was I going to get back?…

My christmas!!!

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It is nearly christmas and i’m very excited.On Saturday (christmas eve) I am going to my nans to share christmas with them and they live up in Norfolk. I am looking forword to this and my nan and grandad have lots of chocolate and pringles. I will see my two cousins (Danny/Jay) and my aunt and uncle. It always snows up there so I think it might snow. YAY





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Santa is coming ,

Time is ticking ,

Only i’m ready ,

Christmas caroles being sung ,

Kind children getting ready,

I might go to bed for Christmas ,

Night skies are coming over ,

Merry Christmas every one.

By Joe


100 word challenge

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Dear diary, in 2017 I hope for a new playstation to come out. Also. it will not feel like anything has changed.

This is a time to celebrate with your family and you will see fire works (This is called new years eve).

This type of year makes me happy because I can see all my family and I can go on holiday. When I go on holiday I can go swimming in the azure blue pool and it is very hot. Also, we get Christmas because Jesus died on the cross.We get to open lots of small and big presents. I love my life!!!!

By Joe


Joe & Mr Seward

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What do you want be when you are older?

 Robert: I want to be a brilliant bank manager because I love maths.

              Money in your face!   



Joe: I want to be fantastic footballer because I love football so much and that it is my favorite hobby. 




This is my favourite football and I really love the colour