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WW2 evacuee letter

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Dear Mum,

I hope you are safe back at London, I miss you.

It was really hard saying goodbye to you. We were going to Cornwall and the young children were as loud as a howling ,wild wolf. There were thousands of people on the busy, blue train. I feel like an ancient book sitting on a shelf waiting to be read. I am petrified, worried and  fearful. I neither touched my lunch nor talked to anyone.

The journey took two and a half hours and arrived on Wednesday ( 10am ). I was as timed as a tortoise. I could never have survived that long without being sick. I was nervous that I would have an evil family. I had to wait for more than 10 minutes.

I have a really kind family, I have 2 friends called Jack and Zoe. I have 1 step brother called Zak  and 1 step sister called  Ella. They both like playing  Football.My mums name is   Mandy  and my dads name is David. They let me cook with them. Now I have learned how to make pancakes with maple syrup and sweet waffles.

Are you well ? Is everyone okay ? hope you reply back to me, have a lovely time,


Lots of  love

Joseph and Indiana












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One cold evening, while Batman was strolling through Gotham City, which was dark and cold.

As quick as a flash, Harley Quinn and Cat woman pounced out and robbed Batman without thinking.

All of a sudden, Robin who was wearing a ruby red cape, came along but didn’t help Batman.

Then Joker, who had a pale white face, came riding past but didn’t help.

Thankfully, Superman, who is his enemy, came along. Finally, he helped Batman and flew him to the nearest hospital.

Kindly, Superman saved Batman’s life. The message to this parable is: a friend in need, is a friend indeed.


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Bridges are full of wonder.

There going to get rusty .

Whenever you’re feeling blue look at the nature.

Be happy for goodness sake.

The snakes will bite you if you’re not good.

The heat broken bridge

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One bright morning, on top of the sea blue lake, lived a bridge.

The bridge stopped to look she sighed and sighed again.

As the wind blew she replied, “I really hope someone strolls along on me.”

Suddenly, crack the bridge  split in half like a banana .

”Oh no I ‘m too beautiful to die ”.


ChristmasPoem by Renee and Indiana

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C  Carals are fun.

H  Having to share with family is great.

R    Running round with Santa is fantastic and fun.

I  I love christmas. do you love Christmas?

S Santa’s coming to town.

T  Time to wake up it ‘s christmas

M  My  god it’s gone so fast.

A  Apple pies are great for joly santa

S Santa is real oh oh Santa is real my mum and dad tell me stories about  him

Indiana’s christmas stocking poems

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Santa’s on his sleigh with a big load of presents,

Tomorrow it is Christmas day,

On his way to deliver  presents,

Christmas is ringing away and Christmas smells of delicious berry’s herbs and spices ,

Kind and helpful elves with Santa ,

Icicle are beginning  to grow,

Nice children get presents and bad children get little things,

Gifts are amazing they make us kids happy all the time,

Christmas is about spending time with your family and friends it’s not about the presents!

by Indiana 5D

Recipes for yummy cakes

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Recipes for yummy cakes



Chocolate cakes:


  1. 3 large eggs
  2. 175g (6oz) self-rising flour
  3. 157g (6oz) soften butter
  4. One and a half level tsp backing powder
  5. 400g (one and a half oz.) cocoa powder
  6. 4tbsp of boiling water
  7. A little icing sugar, to serve


         Chocolate spreading\ganache icing:

1.150 ml (5f1 oz.) double cream

2.150g (5oz) plain chocolate, broken into pieces

  1. 4tbsp of apricot jam


           You also need:

  1. 2 times 17 cm (7 in) deep sandwich tins, greased and lined with non-stick backing paper