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Rose Blanche letter

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Dear Rose

Firstly, I would like to say thank you not only for the visit but also for the food. The food was fabulous. What was it?

I feel apprehensive and I am begging like an angel for my miracle to come true. I want to be able to run around in the green fields but instead I am not allowed to leave this concentration camp, that is dirty. I get treated like a slave, who the kings own. When we got here we got to choose which way we would like to go my brother went the opposite way and went in the chain smokers . I am lucky, that I didn’t choose that way.

This is a day at a concentration camp. My day begins, when I get woken by the SS guard, who are as angry as an empire of charging bulls at 5.00am. Next. I have to stand in a line (4-5 hours). Then, I must lift metal bars, which are as heavy as an elephant. The bars get stuck to our hands and blood falls out like a red waterfall. Meanwhile, I have cold soup for lunch then, I have a piece of bread for dinner. After a while, I go to bed at 11.00pm.

I must go now before I get caught writing to you. How are you? Just quickly why did the German hate the Jews? Please write back to me when you have time. See you soon, I miss you.

Lots of Love Herman xxx

P.S Please help me get out of here.

WW2 Evacuee Letter

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Dear Mum and Dad (And Ruffles),

The adventure on the bus to Purfleet was terrifying because bombs, that had one-thousand grams of gunpowder, were dropping around us and we nearly went off the road and then we got the train to Clacton-On-Sea. I got very depressed as not only were we leaving our sweet home but also we were leaving you and it was emotional. I had butterflies in my tummy so i didn’t eat my lunch that had my favorite food.

Being selected made me nervous, I didn’t know if I would get picked by a family that would make me do all their chores or would I get selected by people that will be nice and let me play around. I was thinking I might be able to pick my family and be with one of my best friends like maybe Matthias or Bryan, but actually you can’t and you will get picked by the parents. I had been picked by Miss.Daly. She is the school headteacher and she is really sweet.

Miss Daly is so kind, she never crackles or thunders or get angry, even if I break a plate or cup. I love my new family and I love my new pet that I have, it is a jolly goldfish his name is Seafun and he is as gold as butter. The goldfish lives in a fantastic fish tank, that has a colourful bridge, emerald green plant and sunken plane, that had crashed into the sapphire water.

Love Joey.

Tudor Buildings list

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Eltham palace, St James’s palace, Norsuch palace, Hardwick hall, Little Moreton hall, Kenilworth Castle, Staple inn, Montacute house, Compton Wynates, Layer marney tower, Henry VII chapel

Tudor houses

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The upper storeys of some Tudor houses were bigger than the ground floor and would overhang (called a jetty).

The origins of the jetty are not entirely known but certainly in a town, it would have the effect of enlarging the floor space above whilst giving maximum street width.


The use of glass became more widespread during the Tudor period.

Tall, narrow casement windows.
Small window panes.
Look for wooden window frames.

What is it made of?

Houses were usually made of timber (wood) and wattle and daub.

Wattle is the intertwined sticks that are placed in a wall between posts. You can see the woven sticks in the photographs below.

Daub is a mixture of clay, sand and dung that is smeared (daubed) into and over the wattle to make the wall.

All about the jetty in the Tudor times

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All about the jetty

The jetty is a house that was made in the Tudor times. Also, it was made of  timber (wood) ,wattle, and daub. The bottom of the jetty starts small and ends up with a big upstairs.They  black stripes all over the house, that is called timber framed.

Historical houses

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In the Tudor times houses stunk of poo because the patterns were made of cows manure and horse manure too. Many houses also had barmy jettys.

Why are Tudor houses painted black and white?

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The majority of homes in Tudor times were half timbered. This means that they had a wooden frame and the spaces between we’re filled with small stick and wet clay. They were painted black by using wet black tar.

Fantastic Facts about Terriffic Tudor houses

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      Tudor house

They are made out of:

. timber

. Daub

. Wattle

Sometimes rich Tudor houses are made out of bricks and have fancy patterns on their windows. Tudor houses were black and white because they used small sticks and wet clay. Also, they used sticky black tar to paint the houses black. Peasants lived in straw houses and slept on straw. Really all they lived on was straw. They would only have a box to keep all their things in and two pots to put their food in.

Buildings in the Tudor times

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Back in the Tudor times, only the rich had windows. The poor would have no doors. Some of the rich would live in a house called Jetty. A Jetty had three layers, the bottom would be small, the second layer would be bigger,and the top would be the biggest. Really important people like King Henry VIII would live in large and luxurious manors, castles or palaces.

Tudor ages (buildings)

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I predict that the Tudor building was made out of wood and stone bricks. Also, they are made out of wood, stone, and cow / horse poo.

Also, Henry VIII lived in a posh fancy house, which had glass windows. The palace stood near an azure blue river.