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Beach trip

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It was one beautiful,hot day and all the families went to the best beach ever.It had the most delicious ice cream and you could swim with dolphins,that was really exciting. As families and friends had fun swimming, suddenly, clouds began to appear and thunder and lightning as powerful as an army of rhinos started to strike the beach. As the weather changed, they all sprinted out of the sea and rushed through the thick, soft sand to get to their bright coloured cars. Will all the families get home through all that dangerous rain and thunder? How did the weather change so quickly?

The mystery bridge

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One spooky morning, a large tree trunk fell as fast as lightning. It dropped straight at the front of the bridge . The next day , a man was staring straight at the rattling bridge wondering if he should cross the bridge. Will he cross the bridge?

100 word challenge

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In 2017 I hope I join a professional football team like Man united as that is the team I support.I really do hope I do but my Dad uttered to me I just need to keep going and never give up.What I am going to do is ask my Mum and Dad to get me some more cones so I can practice even more. Out of school I have been doing private lessons with a Southend manager and he said to me I am doing really well.

Flynn’s Christmas stocking poem

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Santa is on his way,

Talk to an elf,

On top of the chimney was Santa

Christmas is enjoyable,

Kind children play all day,

I am having the best time of my life,

New presents for everyone,

Give a wonderful gift.


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Rapidly, the boy leaped down to the obsidian, dark ditch to hide from the evil tiger, who was very hungry to eat someone.

Charles and Flynn

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The fantastic future of my older self!!!

When I am older, I want to go to the Olympics, do the tremendous triathlon, win a great gold medal for Team GB and win the Olympics for once!!!



When I grow up, I want to be a fantastic footballer for magical Man United and try to be the top footballer in the world, just like Pele the champion of the world.






Charles and Flynn

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The Galaxy’s Tastiest Food!!!!

My Favourite food in the universe is pizza, especially pepperoni as it is spicy and tasty like chocolate cake. Tune in next time to know how to make this pepperoni pizza!!

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My Favourite food is the chocolate named Bueno because it tastes delicious, I could eat it every day, every minute, every second.

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