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Spring poem by Emily

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Summer is not far,
Plants are arriving,
Reliving winter in its mast,
I love the sign of spring,
Now go outside,
Go get some fresh air because spring has begun.

A letter to my old family (proper family)

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Dear mum,

I didn’t like saying a goodbye not only have I been thinking about you so much but also I was worried about dad. Have you heard from him? How is Dug (the dog). Have you got a yellow letter back from the War Office?I hope you haven’t! I was  as scared as  deer being hunted when I had to leave.

I have arrived safely in Dorset,that is near an island called Brown Sea Island.I went on a beautiful boat and arrived on the island.I had to be chosen by somebody and that somebody was the Pickles family,they loved pickles.Slowly, I got to know Ben (Mr and Miss Pickles son)and their dog (Bono). They might actually love me! 


My new family are so lovely and we have a large family garden.They are very nice and I have a friend to play with as well.I have my own room and I walk the dog around the park every day. Every three weeks,I get a yummy treat in the morning.I never use to like these but I really like them now(pork sausages).We live on a giant animal farm,I not only have the  job of milking the cows but also I have the job of herding in the sheep.I love the whistle as I control the energised dogs. 



Lots of love,

your son

Batman V Bane

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As the sun began to rise, Bane aggressively wiped out Batman off of a skyscraper in Metropolis.

All of a sudden,the Batcopter tried to save him but it failed to catch billionaire Bruce Wayne …

He crashed to the solid ground with a THUD!

Eventually, Robin strolled past but he did not take any notice of him. Much later, Green Lantern walked past but he took no notice of Batman.

Luckily, Batman’s arch enemy (Joker) helped him up onto his feet! Then,Batman called the Batcopter one more time and it snatched them both up!    

# Be a hero even if you don’t like someone, they still have a kind heart .


By Maddison , Ryan , Rocco ,Jamie,Robert,Emily

All about the jetty in the Tudor times

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All about the jetty

The jetty is a house that was made in the Tudor times. Also, it was made of  timber (wood) ,wattle, and daub. The bottom of the jetty starts small and ends up with a big upstairs.They  black stripes all over the house, that is called timber framed.

Christmas poem

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Snow is white 

Now it’s in circles 

One of each will melt 

Well do you know what it is?

Made by children in the winter 

A thing that will melt in the summer 

Now do you know what it is? It’s a snowman.

100 word challenge

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Dear diary,

I just got back from the pet store and I know what I want for Christmas. Do not let anyone know except Santa,that I want a pet phoenix fox because it eats veggies not like my pet komodo dragon, that eats meat as fast as a lion.Also,in 2017 I hope to get a bearded dragon(lizard) for my brother George because he has wanted one since he was 10 year old and now he is 16! I wish that in 2017 it will be a better year to release all of my bad memories from 2016. My life would be complete if this came true!


by Emily Walters 


Emily, Riley

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 Dear Aliens,

We would like to tell you all about Earth.

Earth has lots of animals, which are spread out all over the world.

Also, Earth has more than a thousand people.

Earth has many rivers and seas.


Earth is filed with lots of country’s and cities.

We are in Aveley, which is in England.