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My 100 word challenge by Emily

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One calm peaceful day, a trio of  men walked passed a huge egg, that was perched on top of a humongous building.As they strolled past tall,long lorry came under the bridge. CRASH! They squinted their eyes and looked forward …


Guess who?

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They are very nice and sweet.


They have brown hair.

They are now married.

Who is it?
.                                         .                                       .

100 word challenge by Emily

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Calmly, I woke up to my pet makaw screaming wake up wake up. I sat up straight to see big gooey blobs forming above my dirty windows. I thought it was slime for some reason. The slime dripped through the ceiling like water, but it was red. I got out of bed to investigate.What was it?

I went up to the attic.

Sadly, there sat a nest full of chicks, that had been abused by their mother. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I started to cry sadly as I dropped to my knees. I went to the garden and put them into a grave.

Summer poem

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Summer is here,
Under the sun ,
Mammals play,
Mum’s prepare the picnic,
Early in the morning animal’s play,
Really they try to steal your food.

By Emily

The old,mysterious,crooked bridge

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The old,mysterious,crooked bridge 

One bright,quiet,and peaceful morning a slithery snake was out hunting for his breakfast. As quiet as a mouse he tiptoed along the strong,long,and wobbly bridge,that was made in the middle ages. All of a sudden,a movement was made on the other side of the old bridge!                       

As the beautiful day continued it was time for a nap,but as he went to cross to the other side of the mysterious bridge 


Slowly,as he fell a crocodile was waiting for him!


.               .                 .