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write a story starter about the bridge

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Image result for bridge made of wood in the rain forest

One special tropical day, a famous explorer was on an adventure around the emerald  green jungle, that had pretty flowers.

Suddenly,he came across an old, rusty, rotten bridge.

Should he cross it?

stocking poem byEllie

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S ally opening her presents

T hen she had a challenge

O w it is christmas time

C lock is ticking

K eep opening

I  am happy

N an saw santa

G randad saw santa too!

100 word challenge by Ellie

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In 2017 I hope for in school that I will get a pen license.

I also hope to be good at maths and english.

Another thing I wish for 2017 is that we can learn French words

Also,I hope that my spellings will improve.

Miss Daly and Ellie

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Completely exhausted, the young boy fell like rain into the beautiful, spiralling waterfall. His high pitched scream travelled for miles and beyond.

Ellie and Rocco

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What is your best saving tip?


My3159393-british-pounds-banknotes-money best saving tip is £50 because I don’t want to save up and then spend all of it at the same time. Also we all have to save up because if there is something you really want and you want something else you are going to need more money to get it.


People need money to live on because if they don’t have any money they will not be able to get food or drink to live on. Also you don’t just need cash for food you need it to by a house and other things.

Louie and Ellie

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Super sport


My best sport is football because all of my fantastic friends play with me on my school team.

Also I like it because if u play it for a job you paid lots or money.

The best player in the world is Ronaldo, which is the best football player on the on the planet other than pele, which played for Brazil.