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Connie’s 100 word challenge

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One sunny morning, Jack Bean and his girlfriend Little Red were walking through Easter Village. They were chatting when they saw sherbet volcano was about to erupt. Sadly, they saw their friend numptey dumptey (Humpdey dumpteys cousin).He was right under the erupting volcano…

Guess the teacher

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They have long brown hair

they are a girl

and they like to wear dresses

Spring acrostic poem

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Spring is close to summer if you did not know

Please can we play outside

Rides are at the park can I go on that one?

In spring animals are born

Nobody wants to leave the park!

Great weather starts


The haunted slime!

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Gently, Chloe, who is 8 years old, snuggled up in her comfy pink blanket watching YouTube video’s as she came across a video that clearly read, “THE HAUNTED SLIME!”

Chloe read it out loud and again. She had to watch it, as she made slime EVERY DAY!

Science evaluation sheet

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Today (25/04/2017) at Aveley primary school we watched a show, which taught us about how to save water. Recently, in Essex there has not been any rain since February so that means three whole months with no water going into the dams!!!

We enjoyed the show because there was a lot of laughter and fun!

De bryune saves the day!

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One sunny afternoon in The Ritz hotel, Pogba, who plays for Manchester United, got robbed and thrown into the the swimming pool! They stole his yellow Aston Martin.

After a while, the wonderful and famous Ed sheeran came driving by in his black Lambogini.

Did he help? NO!

Soon after that, Kim Kardashian strutted by and ignored Pogba and walked away.

Did she help? No!

Thankfully, Kevin De Bruyne came by in his green Porsh, even though he hates Pogba, he kindly decided to help by buying him a brand new car, plasters and medicines 

The message of this story is #true neighbours 

January poem

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January is the time to be comfy,

A time for animals to be born,

Nobody is upset because it is spring,

Up in the sky are big fluffy clouds,

Are you ready for the spring,

Ready for a great year,

You are the best to help the animals.

100 word challenge

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“Good morning Prinny” Izabelle said to her cute, fluffy, white puppy, who jumped on Izabelle to get her up in the morning.

“We are going to the park today Prinny!” She exclaimed whilst getting getting dressed.

“What should I wear today?” she wondered.

“Well we are going to the park so I’ll wear this!” she pulled out a pretty pink skirt and a wonderful white t-shirt.

“Esme Isla!” She called as she slid on her perfect pink sandals.

“How does this look?” She asked her  two young sisters Esme and Isla.

But as the weather changed they had to stay indoors because there was a hideous snowstorm.

What will happen next?


write a story starter about the brige

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Image result for a bridge made of wood in the rainforest

“Come on!” shouted the great explorer, “We will miss it!”

“We will miss what?” his assistant asked, in reply.

They were going to the forest, that was dark and damp they were finding something.

but what…

new year poem

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New year is a time to share,

Everyone is here,

Where is dad,


You and me are having fun,

Every sister and brother are here,

Are you ready for new year,

Ready to have some fun?