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Happy Birthday Miss Daly

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From when it started

to where it is now

you are still young

We still love you

You are still the best

But it is your BIRTHDAY

And you should celebrate

Happy birthday. I hope it has been the best one yet!

Architecture Homework By Charles

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Facts about Zaha Hadid


Zaha Hadid was born on the 31st October, 1950 in Baghdad, Iraq and sadly died on the 31st May, 2016 in Miami, Florida, USA.


Awards Zaha has won:

  • Pritzker Architecture Prize
  • Stirling Prize
  • Structural Steel Design Awards
  • Glamour Award for The Architect-In-Chief

Zaha Hadid’s 10 most incredible buildings


Vitra Fire Station

Phaeno science centre

Bridge pavilion

Evelyn Grace Academy

Guangzhou opera house

Sheikh Zayed Bridge

Riverside museum

London aquatics centre

Heydar Aliyev cultural centre

Summer, Six Weeks, Fun Acrostic Poem

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Summer is the best

Under the water to stay cool

Making up the holiday

Making all the fun

Excited to do so many things

Ready for the holiday!


Summer is fun

In a little while

Xylophone playing


Waiting for more

Everyone is happy

Everyone can’t be sad

Knowledge is waiting to go back to school

Slow and steady is not what we do



Never ending

WW2 Evacuee Letter

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Dear Mum and Dad (And Ruffles),

The adventure on the bus to Purfleet was terrifying because bombs, that had one-thousand grams of gunpowder, were dropping around us and we nearly went off the road and then we got the train to Clacton-On-Sea. I got very depressed as not only were we leaving our sweet home but also we were leaving you and it was emotional. I had butterflies in my tummy so i didn’t eat my lunch that had my favorite food.

Being selected made me nervous, I didn’t know if I would get picked by a family that would make me do all their chores or would I get selected by people that will be nice and let me play around. I was thinking I might be able to pick my family and be with one of my best friends like maybe Matthias or Bryan, but actually you can’t and you will get picked by the parents. I had been picked by Miss.Daly. She is the school headteacher and she is really sweet.

Miss Daly is so kind, she never crackles or thunders or get angry, even if I break a plate or cup. I love my new family and I love my new pet that I have, it is a jolly goldfish his name is Seafun and he is as gold as butter. The goldfish lives in a fantastic fish tank, that has a colourful bridge, emerald green plant and sunken plane, that had crashed into the sapphire water.

Love Joey.


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One cold evening, while Batman was strolling through Gotham City, which was dark and cold.

As quick as a flash, Harley Quinn and Cat woman pounced out and robbed Batman without thinking.

All of a sudden, Robin who was wearing a ruby red cape, came along but didn’t help Batman.

Then Joker, who had a pale white face, came riding past but didn’t help.

Thankfully, Superman, who is his enemy, came along. Finally, he helped Batman and flew him to the nearest hospital.

Kindly, Superman saved Batman’s life. The message to this parable is: a friend in need, is a friend indeed.

The Peculiar Life Of A Perfect Platypus

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Platypuses are strange animals both adored and misunderstood by their many unique characteristics including otter-like feet, beaver tails, duck bills and venomous spurs. Their life cycle is equally interesting, as they are one of only five types of mammals to be born from an egg.



Platypus egg

After mating, the female platypus will lay between one and three small eggs, similar to those of reptiles. The eggs develop inside of her body for about four weeks, then are laid in a dirt burrow for about 10 days. The incubation has three stages. In the first stage, the embryo relies on the yolk for sustenance. In the second stage, the embryo has fulled absorbed the yolk and begins to develop its limbs and digits. By the third stage, the platypus will begin to develop teeth.


Baby platypus

After hatching, the babies will be blind, deaf and hairless. They survive on their mother’s milk, which does not come from teats, but instead is secreted from her pores and collects on grooves in her abdomen, which create pools for them to lap up. They stay in this young suckling stage for about three to four months, after which, the mother stops staying in the burrow with them as often.

Leaving The Burrow

Platypus leaving the burrow

At about four months old, the babies leave the burrow for the first time. While they are born with teeth, these fall out around this time and are replaced by horned plates that are used to grind food. At this stage, they will begin eating adult food, including insect larvae, freshwater shrimp and freshwater crayfish. Both sexes are born with spur buds on their hind feet, but after a year or so, the female’s will drop off. On the males, these will continue to grow and are attached to a sac containing poison.


The animals become sexually mature at two years old and are known to successfully mate as late as nine years old. The platypus only mates between June and October. The animals are not monogamous. While most of the animals live in shallow burrows most of the year, the females dig elaborate burrows after mating in order to provide their young with shelter. Males take no part in raising the babies.


How old can they live?

Wild platypuses have been known to live as old as 11 years, and those in captivity can survive to 17 years of age.


Tudor houses

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The upper storeys of some Tudor houses were bigger than the ground floor and would overhang (called a jetty).

The origins of the jetty are not entirely known but certainly in a town, it would have the effect of enlarging the floor space above whilst giving maximum street width.


The use of glass became more widespread during the Tudor period.

Tall, narrow casement windows.
Small window panes.
Look for wooden window frames.

What is it made of?

Houses were usually made of timber (wood) and wattle and daub.

Wattle is the intertwined sticks that are placed in a wall between posts. You can see the woven sticks in the photographs below.

Daub is a mixture of clay, sand and dung that is smeared (daubed) into and over the wattle to make the wall.

One hundred word challenge

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One shiny summer day, Chalayne and Marnie, who had chestnut brown eyes, played hide and seek but as the weather changed, they disappeared…

One tropical day, Chalayne and Marnie found themselves in the Middle Ages but then as the weather changed, they found themselves in the Normans times…

One stormy day, they found themselves in the Roman times but then as the weather changed, they ended up in the modern ages…

One freezing winter night, when the wind blew cold, the siblings were laying warmly in their comfortable, cotton candy beds, that were as fluffy as a enchanted, eggshell cloud.

Was it me? Or is this bridge full of mysteries?

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One stormy, devastating night, I went on an adventure. Suddenly, I came across a wobbly, broken bridge, I was frightened (By frightened I mean I was falling from the top of the highest mountain in the world!!). When I touched it, the entire thing turned into shiny azure diamond that sparkled in the moonlight.

Henry the VIII

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Henry the VIII was born on 28 June 1491 until his death on 28 January 1547 when he was at the age of 55.

Henry had 6 wives, their names were:

  • Catherine of Awagon
  • Anne Boleyn
  • Jane Seymour
  • Anne of Cleves
  • Catherine Howards
  • Catherine Parr

Henry’s obesity hastened his death at the age of 55, which occurred on 28 January 1547 in the Palace of Whitehall, on what would have been his father’s 90th birthday. He allegedly uttered his last words: “Monks! Monks! Monks!” perhaps in reference to the monks he caused to be evicted during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

At the beginning of Henry’s reign, Ireland was effectively divided into three zones: The Pale, where English rule was unchallenged; Leinster and Munster, the so-called “obedient land” of Anglo-Irish peers; and the Gaelic Connaught and Ulster, with merely nominal English rule.

Henry VIII was born at the  Palace of Placentia in Greenwich, London. He could talk 4 languages them being, French, Spanish, Latin and a tiny bit of Italian. He was a great scholar, linguist, musician and athlete (In his youth). Also, Henry lived Greenwich Palace, but he also lived in the following palaces: Tower of London, Windsor Castle, St James Palace, Westminster Palace, Eltham Palace and Hampton Court Palace.