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Easter poem

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Eggs are delicious !

And Easter eggs are being found in the lonely grass!

Special day!

Treats are being given out!

Easter is a special day

Reaching to our family


By Chanelle and Ruby

Guess who

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She loves her class

She’s treats everyone equally

She’s kind and helpful

She’s beautiful



By Chanelle

New year poem

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Naughty children have to be good,

Everyone is cheerful,
Winter is coming,

Year 2016 is drawing to a close,
Every year we celebrate,
Are you good or bad,
Reindeer are tied ready for bed,

Have a happy new year

By Chanelle and Ruby

Christmas poem

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Carols singing in the frosty air,

Holly wreaths are everywhere,

Reindeers galloping across the sky,

Icy cold snowflakes twirling by,

Stockings hanging on the end of bed’s,

Trees decorated in gold and red,

Mince pies ready and delicious

A baby in a manger bed,

Stars that guides kings all the way,

That’s Christmas day !!!!

By Chanelle B and Ruby B