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Happy birthday Miss Daly

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Happy birthday from all of us and don’t let anything ruin your day


Fantastic Facts about Terriffic Tudor houses

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      Tudor house

They are made out of:

. timber

. Daub

. Wattle

Sometimes rich Tudor houses are made out of bricks and have fancy patterns on their windows. Tudor houses were black and white because they used small sticks and wet clay. Also, they used sticky black tar to paint the houses black. Peasants lived in straw houses and slept on straw. Really all they lived on was straw. They would only have a box to keep all their things in and two pots to put their food in.

The word weather (100 word challenge )

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One cold, winters morning in southern England ,Lenny,who was 5 years old,was  waiting for a phone call from his favourite cousin . Loo loo was 6 years old and she lived in Brazil. Brazil was suffering hot heat waves.

All of a sudden , the phone rang with a loud Jessie jay song blaring out of it.

“It must be LooLoo!”cried Lenny with excitement.

“Hi Lenny. Did you know we were suffering snow storms as the weather changed I realised it was no longer sunny and burning hot !”reported LooLoo.

“Well if you think your weather was weird listen to this ! Wednesday my family and I were watching football when it suddenly got scorching hot and the snow stopped!” 

Bridge of wonders

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One sunny morning, two tiny ticklish tigers went across the old  bridge .  The two tigers , who where having fun, got dressed like agents . But something dropped in …

Christmas poem

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Singing around the tree

Trees getting chopped for the family home

Orful pudding gets given to santa

Calanders get eaten on the first day

Kings give presents to Jesus

Ink from Christmas list

Naughty or nice

Great christmas to all