Rose Blanche letter

Posted on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 at 3:15 pm

Dear Rose

Firstly, I would like to say thank you not only for the visit but also for the food. The food was fabulous. What was it?

I feel apprehensive and I am begging like an angel for my miracle to come true. I want to be able to run around in the green fields but instead I am not allowed to leave this concentration camp, that is dirty. I get treated like a slave, who the kings own. When we got here we got to choose which way we would like to go my brother went the opposite way and went in the chain smokers . I am lucky, that I didn’t choose that way.

This is a day at a concentration camp. My day begins, when I get woken by the SS guard, who are as angry as an empire of charging bulls at 5.00am. Next. I have to stand in a line (4-5 hours). Then, I must lift metal bars, which are as heavy as an elephant. The bars get stuck to our hands and blood falls out like a red waterfall. Meanwhile, I have cold soup for lunch then, I have a piece of bread for dinner. After a while, I go to bed at 11.00pm.

I must go now before I get caught writing to you. How are you? Just quickly why did the German hate the Jews? Please write back to me when you have time. See you soon, I miss you.

Lots of Love Herman xxx

P.S Please help me get out of here.

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