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Thursday choir afternoon

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Summer poem

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Summer is here,
Under the sun ,
Mammals play,
Mum’s prepare the picnic,
Early in the morning animal’s play,
Really they try to steal your food.

By Emily

Summer acrostic poem

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Summer is here

Under the sun we play

Mum is preparing a holiday

Maths is over we have 6weeks away

Early in the morning the sun shines through your curtains

Really fun times with you family and friends!!!

Guess the teacher!

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All the teachers are amazing and I love them all but guess this one…


They have brown hair,

They are funny and fun,

They are amazing like the other teachers are,



Science evaluation sheet

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Today (25/04/2017) at Aveley primary school we watched a show, which taught us about how to save water. Recently, in Essex there has not been any rain since February so that means three whole months with no water going into the dams!!!

We enjoyed the show because there was a lot of laughter and fun!

Water show

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Today, we watched a performance about how we should save water, not to waste it and the importance of water. If you go on their website you can get different materials to help you save water for free.


Help to save water today! Super splash heroes!

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Will you be our super spies?  Yes we will be your ears and eyes get water wise!

1% of Earth’s  water is usable, the rest is salt water and ice !

Water from our tap has travelled through many stages- the water cycle

Water is evaporated by the sun 

Water collects to form clouds 

Then rains 

Collects in rivers , lakes and reservoirs 

The water must be cleaned from the reservoir – cleaned the process of clarification. 


Then water is ready to drink! 


Easter poem

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Eggs are delicious !

And Easter eggs are being found in the lonely grass!

Special day!

Treats are being given out!

Easter is a special day

Reaching to our family


By Chanelle and Ruby

Rose Blanche letter

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Dear Rose

Firstly, I would like to say thank you not only for the visit but also for the food. The food was fabulous. What was it?

I feel apprehensive and I am begging like an angel for my miracle to come true. I want to be able to run around in the green fields but instead I am not allowed to leave this concentration camp, that is dirty. I get treated like a slave, who the kings own. When we got here we got to choose which way we would like to go my brother went the opposite way and went in the chain smokers . I am lucky, that I didn’t choose that way.

This is a day at a concentration camp. My day begins, when I get woken by the SS guard, who are as angry as an empire of charging bulls at 5.00am. Next. I have to stand in a line (4-5 hours). Then, I must lift metal bars, which are as heavy as an elephant. The bars get stuck to our hands and blood falls out like a red waterfall. Meanwhile, I have cold soup for lunch then, I have a piece of bread for dinner. After a while, I go to bed at 11.00pm.

I must go now before I get caught writing to you. How are you? Just quickly why did the German hate the Jews? Please write back to me when you have time. See you soon, I miss you.

Lots of Love Herman xxx

P.S Please help me get out of here.

Spring poem by Emily

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Summer is not far,
Plants are arriving,
Reliving winter in its mast,
I love the sign of spring,
Now go outside,
Go get some fresh air because spring has begun.