WW2 Evacuee Letter

Posted on Monday, March 20th, 2017 at 11:56 am

Dear Mum and Dad (And Ruffles),

The adventure on the bus to Purfleet was terrifying because bombs, that had one-thousand grams of gunpowder, were dropping around us and we nearly went off the road and then we got the train to Clacton-On-Sea. I got very depressed as not only were we leaving our sweet home but also we were leaving you and it was emotional. I had butterflies in my tummy so i didn’t eat my lunch that had my favorite food.

Being selected made me nervous, I didn’t know if I would get picked by a family that would make me do all their chores or would I get selected by people that will be nice and let me play around. I was thinking I might be able to pick my family and be with one of my best friends like maybe Matthias or Bryan, but actually you can’t and you will get picked by the parents. I had been picked by Miss.Daly. She is the school headteacher and she is really sweet.

Miss Daly is so kind, she never crackles or thunders or get angry, even if I break a plate or cup. I love my new family and I love my new pet that I have, it is a jolly goldfish his name is Seafun and he is as gold as butter. The goldfish lives in a fantastic fish tank, that has a colourful bridge, emerald green plant and sunken plane, that had crashed into the sapphire water.

Love Joey.

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5 Responses to “WW2 Evacuee Letter”

  1. Maddison says:


    I loved that letter because it was full of emotions .


  2. Millie-Jay and Flynn says:

    Well done Joey Essex! Joe your work is really good.

  3. Naomi Renne says:

    Naomi, Renee : Great!but you could add more detail.
    But, it was still f a b u l o u s !

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