The 21st century parable

Posted on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 at 5:18 pm

On Tuesday evening, after winning the fantastic show The X-factor, Katie Perry,who had a beautiful diamond dress, was taking an evening stroll in New York beside an azure blue river.

Suddenly, out of¬†nowhere Michel Jackson jumped out of a dirty bush and took all of Katie’s precious belongings.

After a while, famous Justin Beiber saw Katie, but, did he help? NO. Then pretty Rhiana hurried by and saw Katie,  sadly she looked away and strolled back to her private jet. Did she help? NO.

Before long, terrific Taylor Swift, who is Katie Perry’ s biggest enemy, spotted Katie in the corner of her eye. She was horrified so she quickly called her limo and got Katie safely inside. She took out her fancy first aid kit out and wiped the bloody wound.

The message to this parable is:


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4 Responses to “The 21st century parable”

  1. Matthew and Migle says:

    It was really fun to make this together xx

  2. Maddison and Kyran says:

    WOW !

    This really catches our eyes because of all the bright colours .

  3. LaCie and kyle says:

    We all loved making parables

  4. Charles & Naomi says:

    I like this work, And I have a question.
    Is her dress actual diamond?
    Is it diamond blue?

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