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Dance freestyle circle

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Creating rationing recipes

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Art inspiration

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Can I role play a conversation between two characters? 

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What would Rose say to Herman?

What questions would they want to ask each other?

Why are their lives different?


Life as an evacuee

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Dear Mother and  Father,                                                                                               I hope all is well in London. I miss you very much.

When I arrived at the train station, my legs were so cold, that I could have turned into a ice cube, the journey seemed to be going on for hours. I was heart-broken when I realized that I would have to say goodbye to you, my brothers and my sisters. When I was on the train, there were many other children either sobbing or yelling. The train was so cramped that it could have been a tin of minced meat. I wanted to lock my self away and pretend that nothing was happening but I knew that I couldn’t. The place that I had to get off at was Bridgly. I was worried weather my new family would accept me like you did.

By the time I had arrived at the train station, I felt scared and worried. I slowly stepped off of the train and could feel the cold, hard marble floor under my feet. In the hall, there were lots of children (both young and old) standing in long lines waiting to be selected like I was. I waited and waited at the back of the line. The amount of time I waited, I am not sure but it seemed like an eternity. After a while, a tall man approached me and looked into my eyes with a cold, stony look. Suddenly, his stony face turned into a beaming smile. That calmed me down a little. He then took my hand and led me away.


I must go now.

Love from,



Getting evacuated.

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Dear mum and dad,

I miss you lots. How are you?

I hope you are safe and well in London. I miss you to the moon and back.

When I got on the train to Brighten I was really upset saying goodbye. I felt like my heart was in a puddle of sadness. There were hundred of other children on the train, either crying or screaming. I couldn’t eat my lunch because I had home sick.

On Tuesday morning, we finally arrived at the billeting office. I had to sit in an rusty old wooden chair and wait for my new family to come and pick me. Eventually, I got picked and they looked very happy. I was very chosen to go with my new family.

The mans name Mr bob and he is the schools headteacher. I am staying with him and his family in a house on top of a hill.


Anyway I must go now.

I miss you x

Evacuee letter

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Dear Mum and Dad,

At the station I felt like I was going to cry little puddles out of my ocean blue eyes. On the terrific train I made a lot of friends but they were sepperated not only was I worried  but also Petal was crying like rain hitting the azure blue ocean. I felt afraid if a bomb hits the train so I was trying  to keep an eye on Petal but it was hard because she was sitting behind me so I had to keep getting  out my seat so I can check on her.

After, a four   hour journey the train conductor, who was wearing big long jacket, came up to me and said “You and Petal  have been selected for you to go to the  Burpit family ,”

“Finally, we have been chosen,” I shouted we were  relieved that we was   chosen by the same family.

When we arrived the Burpit family were waiting for us at the station. Not  only was there another child but also we had a lovely time together. Are new family are very kind, funny and caring and the little boys name is Frankie and we all have a lovely time playing together.

We really enjoy playing out on the field were there are millions of flowers, that dance in the moonlight  like little stars. Also, we help Dan get ready for work on a farmers field .We both really miss you and wish that yous were here.


From Petal and Louie

WW2 Evacuee Letter

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Dear Mum,

I hope you are safe at home and well. I really miss you.

When I got onto the train, that was going to Ireland, it was very hard to say good bye to you.When i got onto the train it was crowded with so much children and teachers.I made a couple of new friends going there and the journey was very long.

When I got off the rusty train I was very tired and I had a long walk to a busy road. Lots and lots of cars just went past with no notice.A long time later, a white truck stopped in front of me. Out of the truck come a old man with a tiny bit of white hair poking up.He looked very vicious but smiled at me and took me with him.When we got to his house he showed me around and he has a daughter called Rosy.

The first day we went on a walk over the stream and we picked red juicy apples.When we finished the amazing walk we went inside and I got showed to my bedroom.After that,I got a cup of delicious hot chocolate.This morning all I have been doing is playing board games with Rosy.Then I decided to write a letter to you.

Tomorrow, i’m going to school but i am not shore if i’m going to like it.I might get bulled or hurt.I am hoping  to learn English and spellings but i am not shore what it will be like so I have to wait and see.

I miss you very much and i’ll will write to you soon.


Joey and Caleb




Evacuee Letter

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Dear Parents,

I miss you and I hope You are safe.

When I got onto the train to Brighten i felt despondent , that i had to say goodbye to you.

when i arrived I felt so home sick, that i wanted to go run back home.I waited to get my new selected  foster family.

I got chosen by a mean looking old man, When we arrived to my new home I thought it could be a new start to my life but I was wrong . They made me either do the disgusting dishes or clean the the flat,tiled  floor.

My heart sank like a heavy rock drowning into a pond when he locked me into my room.

When I was at school all the children bullied me because of my accent but luckily my teacher is not only horrible but also cruel and strict  .

When i was at home again I had to make dinner (I made mash potato and peas).I wish I could come bake home now .I am so bored all I do is clean up the house and sometimes if I do a good job at cleaning up I sometimes get to have a break.

I wish i could come back home now .

with lots of love,


(P.S I love you so much)

Evacuee letter

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Dear Mother and Father,

I hope you are doing well in London. I really miss you and I can remember the warm feelings when I was still with you.

When I got on the train to Bridgley I wept in my hands softly thinking about you I was so down hearted after I said goodbye. There were thousands of other children on the rusty, cramped train. I felt very nervous about my new home and I didn’t know if my new foster family would accept me or treat me like you did.

When we arrived at Bridgley, I was sat on a gnarled chair made of nut brown oak. As I watched the other children being selected, I was curious about what my foster home would be like. Will I be accepted? Will they love me as much as you did? Thousands of questions raced through my head. My new foster family will either be nasty or nice. Eventually, a man, who had a jet black suit, came up to me and took me under his wing but he never liked me… He loved me!

Once we got to his house, I met his kind hearted wife, Margery, and their baby (boy). They were quite kind to me and they both protected me and raised me as if I were their own. A couple of weeks later, after I settled in, they showed me their beautiful farm, that grows the juiciest, freshest vegetables and fruits. They showed me their secret to growing the most delicious crops. Before I knew it I started to grow my very first crop (a carrot) and after a while I was working at the farm and enjoying it ever so much! One or two weeks later, I started to go to school. I was shivering at the thought of being bullied because of my accent. So I said nothing. Just nothing but I knew that eventually I had to speak and make some lovely friends to make you proud. So I did. And it felt great. I hope I get to see you soon I love you and I always will no matter how long we are split apart.

lots of love,