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Beach trip

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It was one beautiful,hot day and all the families went to the best beach ever.It had the most delicious ice cream and you could swim with dolphins,that was really exciting. As families and friends had fun swimming, suddenly, clouds began to appear and thunder and lightning as powerful as an army of rhinos started to strike the beach. As the weather changed, they all sprinted out of the sea and rushed through the thick, soft sand to get to their bright coloured cars. Will all the families get home through all that dangerous rain and thunder? How did the weather change so quickly?

The word weather (100 word challenge )

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One cold, winters morning in southern England ,Lenny,who was 5 years old,was  waiting for a phone call from his favourite cousin . Loo loo was 6 years old and she lived in Brazil. Brazil was suffering hot heat waves.

All of a sudden , the phone rang with a loud Jessie jay song blaring out of it.

“It must be LooLoo!”cried Lenny with excitement.

“Hi Lenny. Did you know we were suffering snow storms as the weather changed I realised it was no longer sunny and burning hot !”reported LooLoo.

“Well if you think your weather was weird listen to this ! Wednesday my family and I were watching football when it suddenly got scorching hot and the snow stopped!” 

100 word challenge

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“Good morning Prinny” Izabelle said to her cute, fluffy, white puppy, who jumped on Izabelle to get her up in the morning.

“We are going to the park today Prinny!” She exclaimed whilst getting getting dressed.

“What should I wear today?” she wondered.

“Well we are going to the park so I’ll wear this!” she pulled out a pretty pink skirt and a wonderful white t-shirt.

“Esme Isla!” She called as she slid on her perfect pink sandals.

“How does this look?” She asked her  two young sisters Esme and Isla.

But as the weather changed they had to stay indoors because there was a hideous snowstorm.

What will happen next?


The weird weather conditiong

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Today,we went to a hot sunny beach and all of a sudden while we were in the glistening azure water,that shone as bright as a ruby red diamond it had just begun to snow.We raced back to the jet black car and watched the egg shell white snow fall and listened to the thunder roar as if it was a courageous lion.I checked the weather news on my phone,that had a army camouflage case. It was supposed to be 38 degrees because of the heatwave. As the weather changed it created a great image but why did the weather change?

Legg United

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Daniel Legg and Sam Legg were playing football with their cousin Zack Browne. Sam had a ginger fringe, that curled when she played football, and wore a khaki green kit with black stripes and scarlet football shorts. Her and her family were  footy mad.

She had 12 cousins and 1 brother.Altogether there were 14 children. A perfect football team!



The story of two little hedgehog’s

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One sunny magnificent morning, two hedgehogs ,  that had spiky backs , were playing by the cool,  green trees.The trees were yawning, when suddenly, the clouds began to weep. As the weather changed , they quickly rolled away to there underground lair dodging the large hailstones. Unfortunately ,when the shivering hedgehogs arrived at their home they realised the small doggy door was blocked by the ivory icy white hailstones 


The amazing adventure

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One warm and sunny morning, there were two furry and stripy tigers, that had claws as sharp as knives. They lived in the emerald,bottle green jungle. Suddenly, as the weather began to change, they zoomed like an aqua rocket towards their midnight, black cave, that was made out of smooth coal. 

Crystal, white and icy snowflakes began to fall like tiny raindrops on the tropical jungle trees. After a while, the icy ground grew as tall as a beanstalk. As quick as a blink, the two furry tigers brought their delicious prey back to the obsidian cave,that was as old as a crumbling castle. 

Could this be the last thing they eat?

The crazy TORNADO/flood!

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One sunny and quiet morning, an unexpected vicious storm raised from the Wild West. As the weather changed, they condensed together and made a huge, frightening tornado. People were screaming and some lost their dear children because they were running as fast as a pack of lions. All of a sudden, the strong, screaming tornado broke the tiny hard bricks that kept the azure blue water up. Then there was a humongous flood with water gushing out from the breaks in the crimson and charcoal bricks.

Will you help this out of control disaster?

One hundred word challenge

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One shiny summer day, Chalayne and Marnie, who had chestnut brown eyes, played hide and seek but as the weather changed, they disappeared…

One tropical day, Chalayne and Marnie found themselves in the Middle Ages but then as the weather changed, they found themselves in the Normans times…

One stormy day, they found themselves in the Roman times but then as the weather changed, they ended up in the modern ages…

One freezing winter night, when the wind blew cold, the siblings were laying warmly in their comfortable, cotton candy beds, that were as fluffy as a enchanted, eggshell cloud.

100 Word Challenge

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One rainy day, two men, who had bushy beards and smart suits, went driving to Oslo because they  were going on holiday. As they went past trees, they were waving hello. Immediately,the clouds began to shout with thunder and lightening dropping out of their mouths. As the weather changed, they began to  screech like a baby child. They changed what they were doing.

After five minutes, they decided to go to a nearby restaurant at Pizza Hut.

But were they safe?