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Christmas poem

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Carols singing in the frosty air,

Holly wreaths are everywhere,

Reindeers galloping across the sky,

Icy cold snowflakes twirling by,

Stockings hanging on the end of bed’s,

Trees decorated in gold and red,

Mince pies ready and delicious

A baby in a manger bed,

Stars that guides kings all the way,

That’s Christmas day !!!!

By Chanelle B and Ruby B

Christmas Acrostic Poems

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Carols being sung everywhere!

Have you wrapped your gifts?

Rudolph and Santa coming and going!

It is fun, especially on the day!

Santa has spent all year getting ready!

The young ones need to be good all year!

Mum and Dad shopping day and night!

Are you busy all year round?

So, in 4 days have a blast!!


Carols were sung loud and clear

Holly wreaths on every door

Robins sing merrily

Ice and snow sparkling

Santa loading his sleigh

Trees in windows shining bright

Mince pies baking in the oven

A special star shining

Stockings hung up…..



Carols are sung at church

Holly is very prickly and sharp

Rudolf has a big RED nose

In a tiny manger

Santa brings presents on Christmas day

Turkey is cooking

Maybe you got a PS4, the thing you wanted

Awesome pudding for me and you

Santa Clause is coming to town


Flags and names

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🇳🇵 Nepal

🇰🇵 North Korea🇲🇰

Christmas poem

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Snow is white 

Now it’s in circles 

One of each will melt 

Well do you know what it is?

Made by children in the winter 

A thing that will melt in the summer 

Now do you know what it is? It’s a snowman.

ChristmasPoem by Renee and Indiana

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C  Carals are fun.

H  Having to share with family is great.

R    Running round with Santa is fantastic and fun.

I  I love christmas. do you love Christmas?

S Santa’s coming to town.

T  Time to wake up it ‘s christmas

M  My  god it’s gone so fast.

A  Apple pies are great for joly santa

S Santa is real oh oh Santa is real my mum and dad tell me stories about  him

Christmas acrostic poem

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Christmas is Tommorow,

Ho Ho Ho Santas on his way,

Rapping paper everywhere,

Its already Christmas Eve,

Santas getting his reindeers ready,

Tommorow is Christmas Day,

Merry Christmas everyone,

A present for everyone under the tree,

So merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Christmas poem

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Can you hear jingle bells,

Have you heard santas sleigh is on its way,

Right where you stand is a HoHoHo,

I can hear the slay bells ring,

Sing songs slowly,Till you fall asleep,

My heart is beating hardly,

A sound you only hear at Christmas time,

Sing that there are only four days left.

By Connie 5d


Christmas poem

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Children are playing,

Hot and cold days,

Rudolph is coming to town,

Igloos are cold,

Santa’s coming to to town,

Tomorrow is Christmas,

Mum’s are nagging,

And dad’s are lazy,

Santa can see every child.

By Chanelle B and Ruby B

Chocolate cakes for Christmas 

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Merry Christmas from 5D

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