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Space by Millie-Jay.

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In Science we have been looking at space and the different planets/moons. Here are some fun facts:

1.The Sun does not move.

2.There are 8 planets in the solar system, they are Mercury, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Venus and Neptune.

3. It takes the earth one year to revolve around the Sun.

4.Saturn isn’t the only planet, that have rings around it all of the planets do.

5.Pluto is no longer a planet it is a dwarf planet.

6.Jupiter has four moons.

7.You can only see the planets if you use s telescope.

8.The largest planet is Jupiter.

9.You can only get a rocket to space.

10.It takes the Moon 24 hours to revolve around the Earth.

Hope you all enjoy!


A treat from out of space

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This afternoon, 5D had a space themed treat.

Yummy alien biscuits and alien design craft.   

Dogs Trust workshop

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Today, we were joined by Maria from the Dogs Trust.  We learnt all about how dogs have evolved from the Taimyr Wolf.


Team work flower

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Finally, our team work flower is complete! Well done 5D!


Chalk phases of the moon

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Suddenly, the tiger peered over the deep dark hole and was looking to see if Mogli was still alive.

The clouds soon darkened over and were about to cry!


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The young boy sprinted away from the tiger . All of a sudden, a dark shadow appeard from nowhere .There was a charcoal black Panther coming to the young boys rescue… He threw him to safety and began to battle the angry tiger. Who will survive?


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As soon as he darted towards the jet black rickety rocks , that cracked in pieces, he tumbled on the floor …


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Mogle rapidly darted away from the huge, monstrous tiger, hoping to escape it, but soon found himself cornered up against two rocks.

He anxiously turned around to face the tiger as it gave him a wide toothy grin…


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The young boy sprinted away from the evil tiger.